Ajit Sawant

Frank, honest and forthright – qualities that have brought Ajit Sawant to a perfect juncture of his career, to lead the youth along the path of progress. With his roots firmly in place with the people he serves, with a foresight and vision for a better India, Ajit Sawant has been constantly striving to solve the issues concerning the improvement of the quality of life of 'Common Man'. With India poised on the verge of change and growth, young leaders like Ajit Sawant should be at the helm addressing issues like economical growth, education and labour.

Ajit Sawant, with his impeccable reputation as a 'True Secular, Marathi leader', and his precise analysis, has been writing and voicing his thoughts over the television, in seminars and conferences, and has to his credit several articles and write-ups, published in leading newspapers. These are his efforts to address problems facing the country and the state of Maharashtra and the common man in particular. Coming from a humble background, Ajit Sawant has always been in touch with his roots and his people. His late father, Comrade P. G. Sawant, who was a freedom fighter and a trade union leader instilled in him a spirit of patriotism and courage. Ajit Sawant, in his childhood grew up listening to stories of the freedom movement and found his passion for reading at an early age. His interest in the livelihood and issues concerning labourers and the working class developed to such an extent that eventually he did his masters in labor studies after his graduation in commerce. At present, Ajit Sawant is pursuing his doctorate in the field of labour welfare for the unorganised workers.

Ajit Sawant is a product of the youthful and dynamic tone set by the late Hon. Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi. His qualities earned him the respect and admiration of his colleagues and he served the Congress Party as the General Secretary and Spokesperson of the Mumbai Regional Congress Committee for more than 12 years. Despite several hurdles, Ajit Sawant refuses to be a sychophant and has decided to not let go of his honesty, dedication and sense of service to the common man.

With this background, it was but natural that he joined the Aam Admi Party. To read why he has ultimately let go of the Congress and joined APP, please click - Press Note in  .

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